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Imperial Japanese Army Sniper and Flamethrower teams

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Produktinformationen "Imperial Japanese Army Sniper and Flamethrower teams"

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Armeebuch Kaiserliches Japan
Das Kaiserlich-Japanische Militär war in nahezu ganz Asien präsent. Eroberungen von hunderten Inseln und dessen hartnäckige Verteidigung unterstrichen ihr militärischen Können. Mit der deutschen Fassung des Armeebuch Kaiserliches Japan, kannst du dies nun endlich auf den Spielfeld wieder aufleben lassen. Banzai!Following the assault on Pearl Harbor, the Imperial Japanese military saw action across Asia, from the capture and defence of the islands of the Pacific to the occupation of territory in China and Burma. With this latest supplement for Bolt Action, players have all the information they need to build a force of the Emperor's fanatically loyal troops and campaign through some of the most brutal battles of the war.The contents of this book are:IntroductionArmy ListsTheatres
30,00 €*
Banzai! Japanese Starter Army
Boxed set contains the following:1 metal officer48 plastic infantry1 metal medium mortar team1 metal medium machine gun team1 plastic Type 97 Chi-Ha medium tankBolt Action stat cardVehicle damage markersThe contents of the boxed were based on the following Bolt Action 1,000 point Imperial Japanese army list:Rikugun Chui (First Lieutenant) and two soldiers Regular* 95 ptsIJA Infantry Squad Regular (10 men with SMG and LMG)* 123 ptsIJA Infantry Squad Regular (10 men with SMG and LMG)* 123 ptsIJA Infantry Squad Regular (10 men with SMG and LMG)* 123 ptsIJA Grenadier squad Regular (14 men with SMG and 3 light mortars)* 218 ptsSuicide anti-tank team Regular (one man with lunge mine)* 20 ptsSuicide anti-tank team Regular (one man with lunge mine)* 20 ptsMedium Machine Gun team Regular 50 ptsMedium Mortar team Regular 65 ptsVeteran Chi-Ha medium tank 162 pts Total: 999 pts* Made from the components of the plastic sprues includedModels supplied unassembled and unpainted
114,30 €*
Chi-Ha Japanese tank
Even the emperor is pleased with what this box contains:Enough plastic components to make 1 Chi-Ha or the up gunned Type 97-Kai Shinhoto Chi-HaDamage markersFull colour waterslide decal sheetA Bolt Action stat cardA detailed booklet describing how to build and paint your Chi-HaWith over 2,100 units made, the Type 97 Chi-Ha medium tank was the second most produced Japanese medium tank of World War II, after the smaller Type 95 Ha-Go. It saw extensive action in the Second Sino Japanese War, the Battles of Khalkhin Gol against the Soviet Union, and throughout World War II.It was Japan's standard medium tank - although with a weight of only 15 tones, excellent speed and mobility, and no more than 33mm of turret armour and 26mm on the hull, it would be considered a light tank in any other contemporary army.
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Island Assault! (Deutsch)
The battles of World War Two ravaged the entire world. Where the Band of Brothers starter set is very much concerned with the European Theatre in the wake of D-Day, our brand new starter set shifts focus to the Pacific, pitting the United States Marine Corps against Japanese Island defenders in some of the most brutal and hard-fought battles of the War.The new starter set is focussed on the island-hopping campaigns enacted by the US to reclaim Japanese advances. Unlike the land war that raged in Europe, North Africa, and the Soviet Union, where vast armies of tanks and infantry could manoeuvre and fight over large tracts of open ground, the Pacific campaign was fought mostly on a series of relatively small islands, densely packed with jungles and protected by the sea. Each island had to be landed on, fought for, and the defenders rooted out of, individually.Containing two opposing forces set amongst the many islands in the Pacific theatre, Island Assault! contains the Bolt Action 2nd edition rules as well as a scenario booklet guiding you through your first steps in the game. Before long you’ll be adding to your new army and wreaking havoc on your foes be they fighting for Uncle Sam or the Emperor!Full Contents:Bolt Action Rulebook (German language)Island Assault booklet (German language)24 Imperial Japanese Army soldiersChi-Ha tank24 US MarinesM3A1 Half-trackDicePin marker sprueTemplate sprue1 Pillbox (exclusive to this set)2 Spiderholes (exclusive to this set)Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
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Japanese Bamboo Spear Fighter squad
As the Second World War progressed, Japanese forces were pushed back from the territorial gains they had made in the early stages of the war.With Allied bombing and ground campaigns hampering Japanese industry the Emperor’s soldiers learnt to use whatever materials were at hand to face the enemy, as firearms and ammunition became ever more scarce. This would see Japanese soldiers sacrificing themselves with grenades, a courageous last ‘banzai’ charge with swords drawn, or using sharpened lengths of bamboo as makeshift spears.The fanatical devotion to their Emperor, their country and their honour led many brave Japanese soldiers to such lengths. Allied troops were both in awe and disbelief of such heroics as the Japanese assault would more often than not perish in the face of sustained Allied firepower. Yet still the Japanese attacked...The figures in this boxed set represent a squad of desperate but proud Japanese soldiers in the remnants of their uniforms, bedraggled and unkempt yet not bowed by their situation or likely fate. Banzai!Contains a 10-man squad:1 NCO with sharpened bamboo spear9 soldiers with sharpened bamboo spears10 plastic basesModels supplied unassembled and unpainted
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Japanese Infantry
Thought of as invincible by the Allied forces in the early stages of World War II, the Japanese soldier was a brave, disciplined, often fanatical, warrior who fought to the death sometimes against overwhelming odds. Conquering all before them and carving out a vast Empire during the opening stages of the war the Imperial Japanese Army were truly a force to be reckoned with.This plastic box set contains enough parts to make 30 plastic Japanese infantry armed with:Arisaka rifleLight 'knee' mortarHand grenadesType 99 Light machine gun (and bayonet!)Type 14 Nambu pistolFlag poleNCO's Shin Gunto swordAnti-tank lunge mineArisaka rifle with bayonetType 100 sub-machine gunPlus lots of accessories including a bugle and full-colour devotional banner and flag sheet!
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Japanese Special Naval Landing Force
The Japanese Special Naval Landing Forces (SNLF) were the marine troops of the Imperial Japanese Navy.Due to the deep distrust the Japanese Army and Navy had for each other, joint operations were all but out of the question and the Navy created the Special Naval Landing Forces as a result. First seeing action in 1932 during the 'Shanghai Incident' of the Sino-Japanese War, the SNLF were highly trained, high quality troops with excellent morale. Each SNLF formation was named after the base in which it as formed.Naval troops wore uniforms of a similar cut to those of the Army, but in olive drab rather than the Army's khaki and with black rather than brown boots. This makes a unit of SNLF stand out nicely from the Army units in your force, adding greater variety as well as no mean performance.The SNLF spearheaded the landings in the Philippines and the Dutch East Indies, as the Japanese forces cut a swathe across the Pacific with great success. When faced with determined resistance, such as at the invasion of Timor and the Battle of Milne Bay in 1942, they often experienced heavy casualties due to their unwillingness to surrender. When completely out of ammunition, they would often resort to hand-to-hand fighting with their swords.A 6th US Marine Division intelligence report prior to the landing at Tarawa in August 1943 stated 'Naval units of this type are usually more highly trained, and have a greater tenacity and fighting spirit than the average Japanese Army unit.'This plastic and metal set contains parts to make 32 SNLF. It includes plastic Japanese Infantry sprues plus metal parts with new heads for every model (including an officers tropical hat and a sailor's cap). The set also includes equipment packs including their distinctive gas-masks. There are also two new metal bodies as well as arms firing a pistol and wielding a ceremonial sword. The set is rounded off nicely with the full-colour sheets of flags and devotional banners - great to hang from weapons as they take Emperor's word to the enemy...Check out our rules for Amphibious Assaults in Bolt Action battles.Box contains 32 metal and plastic figures.Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
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Japanese Support Group
The men of the Imperial Japanese Army were excellent soldiers, with extraordinary devotion to their country and their Emperor. Battle-hardened by years of war in Manchuria, the Japanese army was well-disciplined, led by seasoned officers, and watched over by the dreaded Kempei-tei political officers. Japanese soldiers gained an air of invincibility in the early years of the war as they conquered Thailand, British Malaya, Singapore, and Hong Kong, the Dutch East Indies, and most of the American Philippines.Fanatical loyalty and iron discipline were the core of the Imperial Japanese Army ethos, and although it didn't have the same level of heavy weaponry and vehicles as their Allied opponents they were well supported by the likes of the Type 92 medium machine gun and Type 97 medium mortar.Contains these metal models:2 officers with pistol1 Kempei-tei with pistol1 medic1 radio operator/spotter1 medium mortar team1 MMG teamModels supplied unassembled and unpainted
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Japanese Teishin Shudan Paratrooper Squad
Japanese paratroopers – Teishin Shudan (raiding group) – proved highly effective in the early years of the war. German successes with paratroops during 1940 encouraged the Japanese to develop their airborne arm as a constituent part of the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force (IJAAF).They were initially deployed in the Dutch East Indies during the Battle of Palambang in February 1942. A regiment of paratroopers dropped onto Palambang airfield, whilst another captured the town and its oil refinery. High casualties amongst the paratroopers discouraged further deployment by air, and the Teishin Shudan subsequently fought as elite infantry formations – much as their German counterparts did.Possessing the same fanatical will as other Japanese forces and hardened by the rigours of combat behind enemy lines, the last time they made an airdrop was during an assault upon US air bases on Leyte. Most of the force was shot down before reaching its target. Although the 300 men who landed at Leyte caused considerable damage, the small force was soon contained and destroyed.Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
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Japanese veteran infantry squad
NCO with SMG. 7 riflemen. 2-man LMG teamNote: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
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